Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 

Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 


Our Life is Always A Journey. 

There was a beginning, and someday, eventually, there will be an end.. 

“If we have an opportunity to cry, we should cry. If we have an opportunity to laugh, let's laugh. If we need a space to grieve, we should take the time to grieve. 
And, if we have the opportunity to spend time with those we love, we should share our love. 

Life doesn't feel short, it feels ongoing though when it's time to physically say goodbye, the time we spent together will never seem like life was long enough.” 

Book Cover Design by Celina Simmons

Celina Simmons currently studies at SMCC and is Managing Editor for ‘The Beacon.’ Celina will be attending SCAD in Atlanta GA in 2020 and will major in Graphic Art Design.