Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 

Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 


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Gypsy is winning awards!

The Literary Titan issued 'Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick' with their 'Silver Award'!

"The Silver Award is bestowed on books that expertly deliver complex characters, intricate worlds, and thought provoking themes. The ease with which the story is told is a reflection of the author’s talent in exercising fluent, powerful, and appropriate language."

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What our readers are saying...

5 out of 5 Stars!

In Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick, we are introduced to Dana Vilandre who is struggling to survive and navigate her way through the world without means. Homeless and dealing with a separation from her kids, she finds herself moving from place to place, trying to find herself and the inspiration to write. Despite all the hardships, she has a goal in mind that keeps her moving each day even when it feels hopeless. Wanting to create a non-profit organization for women is what drives her through this year of hell she is experiencing. Along the journey, we encounter a slew of men who come in and out of her life with each one giving her more of a perspective of herself. As we travel with the author on the year-long uncertain road ahead of her, we experience her joys and sorrow as she tries to find balance in her life. 

I thought Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick was a really powerful read that tugged at your heartstrings. The style of writing Dana Vilandre uses transports the reader into her shoes and along for the ride in the year of uncertainty that she has gone through. I found myself amazed at how she never gives up and keeps on moving and writing, which is something that not a lot of people could do. In a way, the situation in which she finds herself gives her more fuel and inspiration to write. My favorite parts of the book are the poetry which is well written and so emotionally charged that it gives the reader a glimpse into Vilandre’s heart during this struggling time. Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick is definitely a book I will be recommending to others. I am eager to read more of Dana Vilandre’s works in the future.” ~ Tiffany Ferrell for Readers’ Favorite

5 out of 5 Stars! 

"This book is amazing. It took me the first chapter to get into it but is a rollercoaster of emotions. A book that makes you think. I will certainly read it again Recommended !"~ Sara Piesse -Goodreads review

4 Stars out of 5 Stars!

“Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick is one woman's heartfelt, and sometimes funny, journey through life as she copes with the hardships of being homeless and suffering from depression while struggling to come to terms with choices from her past. This absorbing memoir captures a hard period in the authors life, utilizing writing she did at that time. We are invited to experience lowest point and join her at the end in a high point as she figures out what is important in her relationship with men, God, and herself.
At first, I didn't know how to take this fiction or non-fiction, halfway through I settled on non-fiction. As I saw no sign of a plot, no in-depth cast of characters, just the introspection of 'she', which is an interesting way to go about telling the reader that she was finding herself. We  don't find out her name until the end. By keeping the main character nameless and with little backstory to start, It was easy for me to see myself in her. The writing style showed her thought processes and state of mind very well. I understood right away that she was a person struggling with a mental illness. She seemed distracted and her thoughts were always jumping from subject to subject. What we do learn is absolutely fascinating and sometimes heart-wrenching, but I felt that I didn't understand how she got to that point. I wanted to know the hardships she faced, what was so wrong with her ex, where were her children? My desire to dive into these topics is motivated by the authors engaging writing style and curious approach to life.
The author uses great descriptive words in the book by opening each chapter with either "her" writing or a description of what "she" was doing. The beginning of each chapter is set up nicely and you get a sense of the mood she is in. There were some lovely scenes when she was with her children and you really get the sense that she is a free spirit. Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick is a delightful memoir that conveys the message that it is okay to be who you want and to live life your way.” ~ Literary Titan (4/20/2020 Review)

5 out of 5 Stars!

“Must read story!!I am so glad I read this book - I couldn’t put it down!! Loved it so much that I have been telling my friends all about it! I love the writer’s style and can see it being made into a movie some day.” ~ Ellen -Amazon review

5 out of 5 Stars!

Loved this book!Do yourself a favor and just get it. You wont be disappointed. It's playful, creative, deep, heartfelt, and totally touching. Loved loved loved it!” ~ Pazable - Amazon review

4 out of 5 Stars!

" Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Dana Vilandre takes the reader on a journey through a very difficult period in her life. Although many details are not disclosed, she reveals she left her husband and children, has difficulty in finding a job, is homeless and is starting a non-profit organization for women. She describes her emotional state through her writings at the beginning of each chapter; some are in poetic form and others are journal writing. In Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick: Homeless in New Hampshire, author Dana Vilandre gives insights into the challenging life of being homeless. She drifts between sleeping in friends’ homes and sleeping in her car. Her life is infused with her prayers and conversations with God. One of the strongest aspects of this book is the realistic portrayal of homelessness. While some readers may feel somewhat disappointed in not having the details of the ending of her marriage, or how she became homeless, the author’s goal is to reveal the emotional side of this life. Dana is a talented writer, dropping pearls of information throughout the book. For example, she shares the difficulties she has in maintaining relationships, with both men and women. And, she learns to own responsibility for her part in her circumstances. She often cites the manta, “Breathe. Relax. Pray,” a method for discovering her inner peace. This is a heartrending, and a heartwarming, journey. Author Dana Vilandre has written a compelling story in Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick. This is a thought-provoking book for any person struggling with life.  " -  Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

4 out of 5 Stars!

" In Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick: Homeless In New Hampshire, Dana Vilandre narrates this personal journey with a mixture of poetry, prayer, and positive energy that both soothes and terrifies the reader. Once married, she now shares custody of her children, a circumstance that offers a number of financial and physical challenges. When Dana isn’t living in her car she accepts the generosity of room and board from a collection of friends. Pursuing a dream of establishing a non-profit to aid women in need of physical, emotional, and financial support, Dana gathers support from people she meets along the way. A line from Dana Vilandre’s opening verse prefaces the pages that follow: "Been a bit of a Gypsy for a while/ Feeling it is time to come back home/ Then something else seems to come down my path/ And again I find myself being told to roam." Each chapter begins with a poem about the contents of that chapter.

Dedicated to the women of Her Place, Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick: Homeless In New Hampshire by Dana Vilandre is a poignant, often thought-provoking memoir that evokes mixed emotions in the reader. Dana Vilandre’s account of her nomad life is a confusing mixture of emotions. The author often downplays the reality of her situation with optimistic reassurances verging on fiction, yet the sentiment with which she faces life is compelling. Daily prayers of gratitude help the author approach each day with a sense of hope. Vilandre employs the knowledge of studied writing in this well-orchestrated volume of personal thoughts. The reader is left with an appreciation of this woman’s sense of freedom in enjoying life to the fullest. " -   Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

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