Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 

Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick 


About the Author

Dana Vilandre 

After many years in sales in both the auto industry and telecom, In 2010 Dana made a decision to step out of ‘Corporate America’ and began to form ‘Her Place, Any Region.’  It was through this decision she began to write, first poetry and prose. eventually she began what she calls the ‘She Series’,  short stories about day to day mishaps and adventures in the life of a woman. 

Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick came about through a compilation of short stories written by Dana to women in a private discussion group throughout 2011 and 2012. The life of ‘her’ could be any woman, anywhere. 

Dana has two beautiful children, now adults themselves, and resides in a small suburb just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Dana oversees ‘Her Place, Any Region’ and it’s affiliated programs which focus on providing support and resources to women personally and professionally throughout the world.